EXCLUSIVE: Vampire Diaries‘ Kat Graham spills on Bamon’s future in Season 7

Kat Graham revealed all the dirt on the couples of The Vampire Diaries Season 7. Plus, how did she really feel about all the fan love for Bonkai?

Poor Bonnie was stuck on her own for most of Season 6, but now that she’s back, what does that mean for her love life? Particularly with Damon, now that Elena (Nina Dobrev) is stuck in a coffin for a long while?

“I don’t even know,” Graham revealed about the future of Bamon. “I mean, Ian [Somerhalder] and I have campaigned to work together in so many interviews, and we’ve just been shut down. So we’ll see what the writers come up with. But as of right now, nothing’s happened.”

Since the cast and crew have been filming Season 7 since the beginning of July, it’s safe to assume they are quite a few episodes into the new season already, which means the Bamon odds, sadly, aren’t looking good.

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And though it seemed like at the beginning of Season 6, Bonnie and Damon were letting the sparks fly while they were in the alternate world together, it ultimately ended up being the pairing between Bonnie and baddie Kai (Christopher Wood) that had viewers fanning themselves. You know what they say: There’s a fine line between love and hate. And Bonnie and Kai walked it flawlessly.

Still, the two never had a chance to make anything romantic happen before Kai, uh, well, got his head ripped off, much to fans’ dismay.

So how did Graham feel about all the Bonkai shippers?

She loved it! Which is probably an answer that will surprise a lot of fans, given how strong her character’s hate for Kai seemed to be.

She said she was even rooting for them to get together, “I did. Of course! Bonnie also hadn’t had any action in, like… You know what I mean? So they could have had a carpenter enter the show and I would have been like, ‘Put her with him! Put her with the carpenter, for god’s sakes, put her with someone.’

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Bonnie’s love life aside, expect the witch to be back in full force in The Vampire Diaries spotlight — finally! Graham said to look out for Episode 5 in Season 7, which she described as a “huge episode” in the story.

She’s also back with the gang. “As much as I love working with myself, it’s nice to play with other actors,” Graham joked.

“We’re working together a lot,” Graham said of the cast. “There’s a lot. Huge scenes with, like, everyone in them that take two days to shoot, yeah, we’re doing those.”

This season you can also expect a darker, grittier Vampire Diaries, “The show is edgy as hell,” Graham teased. “There’s so much crazy, sexy sex and violence. You’re in for it. It’s a wild ride for sure.”

She added that the new promo “doesn’t even show all the good shit.”

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But you can check it out below, just in case you missed it.

Now excuse me while I do a happy dance around my room.

Vampire Diaries returns Oct. 8 on The CW.

Are you heartbroken that the odds of Damon and Bonnie making it happen this season are slim?