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Teen Mom‘s Corey and Miranda don’t believe Leah Messer can change (VIDEO)

On the latest episode of Teen Mom 2, Corey and Miranda Simms reach their breaking point when it comes to Leah Messer and her addiction recovery.

The couple, who broke the news to Messer’s daughters that they are expecting a baby of their own soon, reached their breaking point when their daughters began fighting and acting out after a video call with their mom from rehab.

When the girls began fighting over a toy, Corey blamed their tantrums on Messer, saying they need more “rules” and “stability” than their mom has ever given them.

“They say she’ll be better when she comes back, but will it really be better? I don’t think so,” Miranda shot back.

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Corey also decided to have a sit-down with Messer’s other baby daddy and now ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert. The two discussed the end of Messer’s second marriage and her addiction issues.

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“I was miserable,” Jeremy explained. “She went from being normal to a complete 180, prescription pill problem.

“My biggest fear is she’s going to get away with shit until one of these nights me and you are gonna get this f***ed-up phone call cause mommy done f***ing made a big boo-boo,” he said. “That’s when I’m going to go f***ing ballistic.”

Messer and Calvert wound up finalizing their divorce over the phone from rehab.

Teen Mom 2 airs Thursdays at 10/9c on MTV.

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