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Jessica Simpson gets slammed for ‘drunk’ HSN appearance (VIDEO)

Jessica Simpson tried to promote her clothing line on HSN but ended up being a spokesperson against getting wasted as she completely embarrassed herself on the program.

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The singer-turned-designer appeared on the show The List Thursday evening, but rather than spend two hours talking about her clothes and accessories, Simpson became the talk of social media as she slurred her words, giggled away and seemed to have trouble holding her head up, let alone answer questions.

And Twitter was not kind.

Even the HSN website was full of viewers’ harsh judgements for her behavior. Anyone who tried to defend Simpson as maybe just nervous was immediately shot down.

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“Don’t make excuses for Jessica Simpson’s behavior tonight on The List. She has had years and years in the spotlight performing,” one commenter said. “Its [sic]sad that she was weaving and wobbling, cannot hold her head up, stand up straight, be professional and that includes wearing her hair like an adult and not in her face like a teenager.”

Another added, “Tonight’s List was difficult to watch. Jessica Simpson’s fashion line has some really cute [and] stylish pieces but she was very awkward [and] disconnected as a guest. Was something wrong? Where did she keep disappearing to?” referring to the fact that Simpson kept wandering off camera.

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Simpson has yet to comment on her appearance, but TMZ is reporting that she was not drunk, according to HSN.

Do you think Simpson was wasted, or was this just a case of bad nerves?

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