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The Big Bang Theory‘s Mayim Bialik finally reveals if Amy & Sheldon are over

The Season 8 finale of The Big Bang Theory left Amy and Sheldon fans wondering if the beloved couple would ever get back together. Not only did Amy break things off with Sheldon because she needed time to seriously think things over, but it was revealed that Sheldon had bought Amy a ring. With all of that said and done, what does this mean for Shamy in the long run?

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While chatting with Entertainment Weekly, Mayim Bialik opened up about Amy and Sheldon’s relationship. More specifically, she came right out and said if they were officially broken up. Per Bialik, “This is not a breakup.” Whew! Thank goodness. She added, “My mom kept asking me why all of her neighbors are asking if I’m kicked off the show. [Amy] needs space and the first episode explores how Sheldon deals with that notion.”

Even though Bialik assures fans that Shamy isn’t over, there will still be a lot of heartbreak and confusion for Sheldon. He’s not sure how to deal with it all. “This is really out of his control and that’s definitely not comfortable for him,” Bialik said.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something he can fix with science and that great mind of his. As executive producer Steve Molaro told EW, “He’s hurt and confused. This is not a science problem that he can solve by thinking about it. He wants to resolve this and doesn’t really know how to.”

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And for those fans who are not only hoping for Shamy to reunite ASAP but also want a wedding, well, marriage isn’t the cards right now. When asked if she thinks they’re ready to tie the knot, Bialik said, “Oh heavens, no.” She continued, “There’s still a lot to explore for them about what any kind of further commitment would mean, either with intimacy or romance.”

Good news: Amy and Sheldon aren’t officially broken up. Bad news: it might take a bit for them to reunite.

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The Big Bang Theory premieres Monday, Sept. 21 at 8/7c on CBS.

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