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Jenelle Evans hooked up with Nathan Griffith after he hit her with a car

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith’s relationship has been rocky, to say the least. The ill-fated romance hit a new low during tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, when Nathan hit Jenelle with his car… and then pressed charges in response to her scratching him in a post-collision scuffle.

It’s hard to keep track of the constantly changing relationships of each Teen Mom 2 star, but Evans’ romantic timeline is especially confusing. At the moment, the reality star is believed to be in some sort of a relationship with Griffith; the two recently attracted attention with their half-clothed shenanigans on Snapchat. Sadly, this social media drama followed a relationship whirlwind that included a second broken engagement and quite a bit of violent behavior. The latest display of violence on Griffith’s part? Running into his ex with his car and leaving a nasty bruise.

Nathan Griffith hit Jenelle Evans with car
Image: MTV

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To be fair, Evans is not exactly blameless in all of this. Although Griffith arguably started the drama by bringing his new girlfriend to Evans’ house and then hitting his baby mama with his car, she responded by getting physical — and that’s never a good idea. As Evans’ lawyer so wisely pointed out, the drama should have never escalated to this level. The lawyer also observed that Evans and Griffith seem far healthier when apart. Evans must have agreed on some level, but as fans have noted, she still ended up back with Griffith, both during their second engagement and their more recent rendezvous.

Jenelle's hookup
Image: MTV

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Although Evans has her fair share of haters on Twitter, most of her followers seemed to be on her side tonight. That being said, a number of Twitter users expressed concern about the prospect of a continued relationship between Evans and Griffith. These Teen Mom 2 fans believe that the relationship has become toxic — and that the incident featured during tonight’s episode should have been the last straw.

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Evans’ recent interactions with Griffith have garnered plenty of disapproval in light of the violent behavior featured on Teen Mom 2, but it will take more than mere social media disapproval to keep these two apart. Hopefully, the reality star is able to come up with an arrangement that works for her and her kids, be it a clean break, a casual relationship or something more serious.

Do you think Jenelle Evans should have dumped Nathan Griffith immediately following the incident featured on tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2? Does the thought of her once again returning to Griffith concern you? Sound off and share your opinion below!

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