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Farrah Abraham continues to embarrass herself on Celeb Big Brother UK (VIDEO)

We wouldn’t want to be Farrah Abraham’s publicist right now.

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OK, we wouldn’t want to be Farrah Abraham’s publicist ever. But the 24-year-old Teen Mom OG star is really pulling out the stops when it comes to embarrassing herself during her stint on Celebrity Big Brother UK.

First, she got into a nasty feud with her British housemate, Bobby Davro, unleashing on him in a rant in which she brutally attacked him and his wife.

“All you do is talk about your wife, but you cheat on her with your f***ing girlfriend because you’re such a f***ing bastard,” she told him. “Go f*** yourself. You’re a failure to Britain, bitch! Guess what, Bobby? I don’t feel sorry for me because I have a great f***ing life. I thought you were supposed to be a comedian. I’m a better comedian than you. I just made you laugh, bitch.”

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On this week’s episode, she teamed up with porn star Jenna Jameson to demonstrate sex positions in a kiddie pool filled with what looked like chocolate syrup. That would have been embarrassing enough, but first, Abraham put on a short, cleavage-baring dress and some librarian glasses to give her castmates another kind of sex-ed lesson.

“I want to keep things PG-13,” she told her shocked costars in a breathy voice as she produced a banana and a condom. The MTV star then proceeded to do what high school health teachers have been doing for decades: demonstrate how to use a condom on the trusty, phallic piece of fruit. Only, Abraham did her demonstration with some commentary.

“And you just slide it… oh, my gosh, this is a big one!” she exclaimed, before finishing her task with an excited “Look at that!” directed at the other stars.

Abraham is certainly no stranger to controversy and she’s not afraid to use sex to sell herself. But we have to wonder where (or if) the young mom is going to eventually draw the line.

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Do you think Farrah Abraham went too far with her sexy demonstration on Celebrity Big Brother UK? Sound off down in the comments!

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