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Should Project Runway‘s Jake Wall have given up his dream for his dog?

The designers had to plunder a junkyard this week for another unconventional materials challenge, but the real surprise was the abrupt departure of Jake.

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After the designers return to the workroom to get started, Lindsey says she’s worried about Jake — and for good reason. When Tim comes in to peruse, Jake tells him that his dog, who’s been with him through the death of his parents, is sick and needs to be put to sleep. If he doesn’t go home, he says, he’ll regret it forever. Twitter overwhelmingly offered its support and empathy.

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Joseph's losing look
Image: Lifetime

There were a few outliers, though, who questioned Jake for leaving, deciding that he wasn’t cut out for the competition in the first place.

What a terrible decision to have to make. On one hand, it’s your dream to be on Project Runway; you worked hard, you might have, like Edmond and Amanda, auditioned multiple times, and you will probably never get a chance like this again. On the other hand, your beloved companion, who’s been there for you through numerous tragedies, needs you to come and be with her at the end of her life and there’s only one of her. It’s difficult to imagine being fully present, whether or not you leave. There’s definitely no “right” answer, but it’s great to see Project Runway fans supporting Jake and the choice he made.

kelly's winning look
Image: Lifetime

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What decision would you have made if you were in Jake’s position? Do you think he made the best choice? What did you think of the winning and losing looks this week? Did the right person go home?

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