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Kendall Jenner’s nipple piercing is a hit with her young fans (PHOTOS)

Stop the presses! Kendall Jenner has been pierced.

Jenner took a page out of her sister Kylie’s book by getting her nipple pierced, and she hasn’t exactly been trying to hide her new body modification during New York Fashion Week.

Several media outlets have been kind enough to oh-so-subtly point out the newly installed hardware.

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While a lot of the media seems to think that Jenner’s piercing is some kind of scandal, most Kardashian fans who are around the same age as the 19-year-old model gave her a virtual fist bump via Twitter.

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Even more social media users are trying to figure out what the big freakin’ deal is, considering nipple piercings exploded onto the scene back in the ’90s and have kind of, sort of, remained en vogue ever since.

Image: @sizzle_brizzle/Twitter

And then there’s always the one Twitter user who snaps us back into reality.

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In the end, Jenner was just doing what the Kardashian crew does best: creating a stir and getting a load of publicity for going about their normal everyday activities.

What do you think of Jenner’s new nipple piercing?

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