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Stephen Amell explains controversial tweets — but won’t apologize (VIDEO)

Arrow star Stephen Amell has announced he’s taking a social media break following his controversial statements about a Texas teen.

The 14-year-old Muslim student named Ahmed Mohamed was arrested on Monday after he brought a homemade clock to school, which was mistaken for a bomb. The incident sparked outrage among many, but Amell took to Twitter to make the point that, “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

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Unfortunately, the statements incurred a backlash of their own as Amell tried to defend Texas in the incident.

Fans and haters alike replied to his tweets with some serious disdain.

It got so out of hand that Amell took to Facebook on Wednesday night with a video message clarifying his intent.

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“I think I did offend people, the best thing to do in these scenarios is just to go away for a little bit,” he added. “So be well, I’ll be back, and that’s it.”

It’s important to note, the actor was clear that he wasn’t apologizing. He also said he won’t remove the tweets.

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He continued his explanation by posting eight points regarding his statements on Twitter.

As for Mohamed, everyone across the country — including Texas — seems to be doing all they can to make the situation right. Multiple celebrities have tweeted their support, and Obama has even invited him to the White House.

Do you think Stephen Amell was incorrect in his statements or are people, again, just too sensitive?

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