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Kim Zolciak has a new celebrity friend — and Instagram is loving it (PHOTO)

Kim Zolciak’s new Instagram post is causing a lot of excitement because it shows the Don’t Be Tardy star in the same picture as Leah Remini, and people are convinced that this is a friendship made in heaven.

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Zolciak praised Remini in the caption of the post, explaining what a wonderful individual she is and how she helped her get ready for Dancing With the Stars before showtime on Monday. The reaction to the pic has been pretty positive — which is actually rather unusual for a post by Zolciak.

“Two of my favorite celebrities. I can see why you would get along. I love both shows and families. I laugh thru both,” one user by the name of denise.narciso7297 wrote.

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Other comments included, “@kimzolciakbiermann @leahremini match made in heaven! By far the funniest chicks on TV, thanks for the much needed laughs always,” and “Oh my gosh this will be the perfect friendship! You guys have the same personality!!”

Many agreed that Zolciak and Remini would be fantastic friends. In fact, they’re already thinking of a reality show that would star both of them.

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“‘Kim n Leah’ take over please we need a reality show!!!!!” mi.n.os wrote. “My Queens! There needs to be a Kim & Leah show,” another user agreed.

But some people have also pointed out something strange about the picture — Brielle may be in the background — in a thong.

a_campbell1984 wrote, “Omg you and @leahremini are so much alike this should become a lifelong friendship! But why does @briellebiermann look topless and with a thong on lol.”

Other commenters shared similar sentiments, saying, “@briellebiermann in a thong?” and “Loving you guys!! But it does look like Brielle isn’t wearing anything/much? Hoping it’s just a trick of the eye.”

Do you think Kim Zolciak and Leah Remini would be amazing friends? And what do you make of that outfit (or lack of outfit) Brielle Biermann is wearing in the background? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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