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Lorde’s pic of her swollen, purple eye raises concern among fans (PHOTOS)

What the heck happened to Lorde’s eye?

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On Wednesday, the singer took to Instagram to share a picture of herself with a very painful-looking purple eye. She captioned the picture, “one question: what happened to your eye?” Before following it up with a second snap with her eye looking no better.
Lorde wrote a lengthy caption about her beauty woes at the moment, including peeling skin and a swollen eye. It read, “the skin is peeling off my lips and hands these days i [sic] very rarely see the sun and my eye is weeping and screaming and it’s fashion week and everyone already thinks i’m [sic] strange and it’s a kanye [sic] show where the freaks are beautiful so why not say f*** it and let’s dance with the melodrama?”
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But Instagram users are freaking out over these pictures, with some commenters seeming genuinely concerned.

User ruth_walmsley wrote, “You look exhausted, are you taking care of yourself? Don’t work too hard.”

Other comments read, “Dang gurl, hope you recoup,” “awh hope you’re all okay,” “What happened to your eye?” “I see you met Chris brown,” and “Did someone punch you.”

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Judging from Lorde’s caption, there has been no physical altercation involved here, rather a case of exhaustion and maybe even too much makeup. The star has clearly been working hard as evident in her recent tweet.
Feel better soon, Lorde.

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