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Mariah Carey’s new Game of War promo is cracking everyone up (VIDEO)

Mariah Carey may have missed the mark on this one.

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The Grammy winner is the newest spokesperson for Game of War: Fire Age. And while she’s not the first busty female celeb to grace the game’s promos, she didn’t quite nail it like she nails those high notes.

In the hilarious clip, Carey’s 1993 hit “Hero” plays over and over as players in the game request assistance during battle. Finally, Carey herself comes to their rescue, effortlessly slaying a dragon, calmly telling them, “Time to be heroes, boys,” and turning and running off the screen.

The entire clip is cheesy, but it’s the part where she starts running where things get really weird. We can’t tell if it’s botched editing or what, but nothing about Carey’s gait is natural.

Kate Upton starred in a similar ad and brought all kinds of cleavage-bearing lady ass-kicking to the screen. Carey’s spot, however, seems to just have viewers laughing — at her, not with her.

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Most hilariously, a lot of Twitter users are comparing Carey’s weird, jerky running to Phoebe Buffay’s hilarious running on Friends. Is it just us or are they not that far off?

While we’re super envious of Carey’s singing abilities, we think she should leave work on the battlefield to professional warriors. She’s just not really pulling it off.

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Do you agree? Do you think Carey’s Game of War promo is as ridiculous as we do? Head down to the comments and share your thoughts.

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