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Big Brother: Vanessa’s tears have the power to make everyone drunk

I have an idea. Every time Vanessa cries on Big Brother, take a drink. Well, wait. On second thought, that might not be such a good idea. If Vanessa’s nonstop tears were the foundation of a drinking game, you would have incoherently fallen on the floor before the first commercial break.


Even crazier? If you had to take a drink every time a tweet took a jab at Vanessa’s tears when she boohooed about blindsiding Austin, you would be refilling your Big Brother shot glass by the millisecond.

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Can’t you feel the love?

After her constant crying, Vanessa found herself on the chopping block next to Johnny Mac when Steve revealed his nominations for eviction. But the target on her back didn’t stay there for long because she won the Power of Veto (No! Why?!) and saved herself from elimination. This PoV was more powerful than ever, because it guaranteed her a spot in the final three and also gave her the sole vote during the live eviction. Sadly, but not surprisingly, she cast the lone vocal ballot that sent America’s favorite goofball, Johnny Mac, out of the game for good.

It was a moment some viewers weren’t ready for.

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That leaves us with three contestants vying for the $500,000 prize and title of #BB17 champ: Vanessa, Steve and Liz. Please don’t hate me for saying this, but I believe Vanessa is the only competitor left in the house who truly deserves to be crowned the winner. Yes, as frustrating as she has been all summer, Vanessa is really the primary strategist left vying for the title. Can you handle her winning? No? Maybe it’s time for a fresh drinking game.

Bottoms up!

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Who do you think deserves to win the entire game? Of those left, who do you not want to see win? How would you rank this season overall? Weigh in and tell us your thoughts!

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