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Little Women: LA‘s Christy Gibel opens up about her infertility struggle

Christy Gibel

One of my favorite books as a child was The Little Engine That Could. It taught me that when I really try hard at something, I can accomplish anything.

As a little person, there were so many challenges. I needed to work twice as hard than an average-sized person had to. My parents taught me at a very young age that the world didn’t revolve around me — that I had to revolve around the world. I never thought trying to have a baby in my late 30s was going to be a huge challenge.

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I had my son, Trenton, when I was 19. My daughter, Autumn, was born two years and nine months later. I was just a kid myself. Autumn is about to turn 16 and some people are telling me that I’m crazy for trying to have another child at 38. I understand everyone has their opinions — and you know how I feel about opinions. One main challenge is my age and another is my tilted uterus. Yikes…

Christy Gibel Twitter pic
Image: Christy Gibel Twitter

Today, my life is more spiritual, happier and definitely more solid. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with being sober almost six years now and who I’m married to, as compared to back in the day. Who am I kidding? That’s exactly why! I have an amazing teammate, best friend, lover and soul mate.

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I love my God, myself, my kids and my husband, Todd, so much. I’m so blessed that my family loves Todd, too. He was a missing piece to my puzzle. I just want to share the experience of raising a child with my new husband, not just because of what he went through losing his daughter due to double dominance achondroplasia, but because I know he will be amazing at raising a child because he already is so helpful helping me raise my teenage daughter. Also, just the fact we want an “us!”

These past few months have been such a bittersweet roller coaster of emotions. The ups and downs have made Todd and me so much stronger as a couple, but it didn’t come without many emotional battles, both inside and out.

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The journey has also strengthened the bond we have with Autumn. She’s been such an amazing young lady, dealing with my hormonal peaks and valleys, as well as being a wonderful pillar of support when things didn’t end up the way we hoped. Autumn is my No. 1 shopping buddy; we do a lot of retail therapy together. I’m sure the news wasn’t that easy for her, as well, as she’s been very excited for a little brother or sister.

Christy Gibel infertility
Image: Lifetime

As I write this, I’m not exactly sure what’s next. I honestly don’t think I can go through the side effects of the hormone injections again, not to mention those oh-so-painful procedures. Todd and I have talked at length about our options going forward. The one thing we know is that we have a ton of love to give and we pray we will be blessed with a new addition to our family in the near future. Whatever route we take, we know we have a whole team of support. We know in our hearts that the stork will come soon.

Thanks for listening,

Christy Gibel xo

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