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Who Samantha Bee is and why she’s going to outshine late-night’s male hosts

With her recent Full Frontal promo spots, Samantha Bee has proven she’s out to win late-night television, and with the current slate of late shows being helmed solely by men, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

As a longtime The Daily Show correspondent, Samantha Bee is no stranger to late-night television. In fact, Bee holds the record for the longest-serving The Daily Show correspondent, where she spent nine years in front of a camera, making us laugh with outrageous interviews and hilarious political spoofs.

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And now she’s taking her awesomeness to TBS, where she’ll become the only woman on television sitting behind a late-night desk.

Are you as excited as I am? You should be.

In his farewell to Bee this past May, Jon Stewart called her “delightful” and “incredibly funny,” and then followed those sweet words up with a wickedly funny smash-cut of some of Bee’s best (and most biting) interviews. If you aren’t familiar with Bee, the clip below will give you a good idea of just how much brilliance she brings to the table.

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But as Vanity Fair‘s recent photo spread of late-night hosts so blatantly illustrated, Bee’s about to enter a very testosterone-filled time slot — a fact that she’s tackling head-on with some very smart promos. Take, for instance, the first teaser trailer TBS released in May:

With this teaser spot, Bee not only made me laugh out loud, but she actually made me cheer from my couch. Here is a woman not only capable of taking on prime time’s “sausage” problem, but totally pumped about doing so and facing it head-on.

Yes, Samantha Bee is about to deliver a funny, intelligent and feminist view of the world to late-night audiences.

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Bee responded to Vanity Fair‘s photo shoot and poorly worded headline — “Why Late-Night Television Is Better than Ever” — almost immediately after it went live with the following two tweets, highlighting the obvious lack of gender diversity in late-night and doubling down on her promise to completely change the score.

Which ultimately proves that while Samantha Bee may not be a man, she’s still got balls.

Big ones.
Full Frontal premiers on TBS this January.

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