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Blake Shelton reportedly partied with strippers and tequila in Mexico

Everyone handles a breakup differently.

But when a friend has a bachelor party and you just went through a high-profile divorce, you’re going to let loose a little bit. And let loose Blake Shelton did.

Recently, a good friend of his took the boys down to Cancun for a stag party like no other. In Touch allegedly tracked down a fellow hotel guest who had this to say about Shelton and his buddies’ debauchery: “He was doing shots of tequila nonstop and partied with strippers all weekend.” He continued, “Things got more and more wild each day he was there.”

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But it got so much more out of control (and slightly unbelievable?) following a visit to a local strip club. The country music star allegedly returned with a woman on each arm, according to the source, who added, “He was taking turns kissing them while he walked through the lobby carrying two fresh bottles of tequila. Then they went up to his suite, got into the hot tub on the balcony and did tequila shots. Blake was kissing both girls there before they went into the bedroom for the night.”

Is it just me, or does this source seem to know an awful lot about Shelton’s movement that evening? His recollection of events sounds more like a scene from a movie than something that happened in real life. Not that it couldn’t be as he says — it just seems a bit suspect.

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This alleged booze fueled bro-sesh comes on the heels of reports that Shelton is spiraling out of control following his split from country music star Miranda Lambert. Sources have several times said she kept him “grounded.” In Touch reports a source saying, “She was his voice of reason. But now that he’s single, he’s free-falling to a very bad place. Of course, he’s always liked to drink a lot, but now his alcohol consumption has skyrocketed.”

In Touch reports that this source says Shelton’s friends and handlers are asking him to enter a rehab facility to work out his problems, “but Blake insists throwing himself into the new season of The Voice is the best distraction and all he needs.”

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