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Cady Groves opens up about losing her brother and being alone (INTERVIEW)

Before Cady Groves’ EP album Dreams drops on Oct. 2, she chatted exclusively with SheKnows about her journey in the music business, coping with loss and learning lessons about being alone.

SheKnows: Tell us about one fear you recently conquered.

Cady Groves: Recently I conquered the fear of being alone. Isn’t that weird? Some people are terrified of it. I used to be one of them. But to make the decision to make it or break it on your own is such a big decision. Everything is on you, either way it goes. But it’s also putting a lot of faith and work into yourself, which if you do right can have major rewards.

SK: Who’s been your biggest mentor thus far?

CG: My biggest mentor in life so far is my brother, who I recently lost at 28 years old. I’ve lost two brothers so I guess it’s actually a tie. People say you never teach more lessons than when you’re gone. That’s very true. I think only because people are scraping for anything left of you to listen to. Regardless, I’ve learned major lessons and credit a lot of my drive to the both of them in very separate ways.

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SK: What are some lessons you’ve learned in your 20s, so far?

CG: The biggest lesson I learned in my 20s is that every single person in this world makes mistakes and has a sob story. You can’t fix anyone but yourself.

SK: What’s your best feature or characteristic? What’s your biggest insecurity?

CG: My best feature is probably that I don’t know how to give up on myself. My biggest insecurity is also the same answer.

SK: Breaking into the music biz can be tough. Was there ever a time you wanted to quit?

CG: I’m still trying to break into the industry. It’s incredibly humbling, to say the least. There are more times you want to quit than not.

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SK: What image do you want to project every day through your work?

CG: I want to never lie about who I feel like I am, ever, and never lie about my mistakes and finding my way back from them. It’s the entire reason I started writing songs — to sort out mistakes and try to make sense of everything. I want not just girls, but everyone to know that it’s OK to be you and stay you, and that’s never wrong.

SK: What are misconceptions fans have about you?

CG: I’m not sure what people think about me. It’s not my job to worry about that, because that can drive you crazy. I have my head down working on music.

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SK: What’s the hardest obstacle you’ve had to endure in your career so far?

CG: The hardest obstacle I’ve endured is to always stay true to myself no matter what the situation.

SK: What’s the biggest double standard between men and women in society/the industry that you’ve experienced firsthand?

CG: I think women and men rule. They both rule. Sex doesn’t matter. Life matters. If you write a song that makes me feel anything, you rule.

Listen to Cady Grove’s newest single “Dreams,” and don’t forget to pick up her EP album on Oct. 2.

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