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Once Upon a Time: Insider inspires 7 likely theories for upcoming season

The Season 5 premiere of Once Upon a Time is almost upon us. Season 4 left fans wanting more and on the edge of their seats, especially now that Emma took on the Darkness and transformed into the Dark Swan. This season will surely have a different feel to it, thanks to the Savior now going dark and trying to find her way back to the light. With that said, what else will the fifth season bring?

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If you follow co-creator Adam Horowitz on Twitter, then you know how much he likes to share details about episodes. More specifically, he teases what’s ahead with a “title spoiler.” He takes a photo of a script with the episode title, and it’s a lovely treat for fans.

This way, fans can see what’s in store for the season, all while theorizing about what might happen with their favorite characters. So, let’s take a look at each “title spoiler” and try to decode Season 5.

1. Episode 501: “The Dark Swan”

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the Season 5 premiere picks up right where Season 4 left off. Based on the title, it’s pretty clear that this episode is going to be about Emma turning into the Dark One, aka the Dark Swan. As the Season 4 finale showed, Emma disappeared after being absorbed by the Darkness, but where did she go? Will Snow, Charming, Hook, Regina and Robin Hood be able to save her? As for the former question, there’s a good chance Emma is in the Enchanted Forest and just might end up in Camelot, which will play a huge part this season.

2. Episode 502: “The Price”

With Emma encompassing the Darkness this season, there’s a good chance someone will pay a price to help Emma find lightness again. Will it be Hook? What about Emma’s parents? Or, maybe it’s Regina, who just might feel some guilt now that Emma saved Regina and sacrificed herself to the Darkness? Whatever the case, the episode title sure sounds ominous.

3. Episode 503: “Siege Perilous”

This episode title proves Camelot definitely has a huge presence this season, as promised. It seems “Siege Perilous” translates to The Perilous Seat, aka a vacant seat at King Arthur’s Round Table. This special set is reserved by Merlin for the knight who is successful in retrieving the Holy Grail. However, the seat is said to be fatal for anyone else who takes a seat. Per lore, Sir Galahad was the man destined to find the Holy Grail and took The Perilous Seat. There’s a very good chance a similar story line will be showcased on OUAT.

4. Episode 504: “The Broken Kingdom”

Well, this episode title could mean just about anything. Any kingdom could be broken, but Camelot is probably the likely choice. Plus, if Dark Emma is parading around Camelot, then there’s a very good chance she could wreak havoc on the kingdom.

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5. Episode 505: “Dreamcatcher”

As OUAT fans know, dreamcatchers are no stranger to the series. However, for those die-hard fans who are hoping this means Neal will return, it doesn’t. While chatting with TVLine, co-creator Eddy Kitsis revealed that this dreamcatcher has nothing to do with Neal. He said, “Although dreamcatchers evoke and remind us of Neal, they have been used on the show — magically.” With that said, Kitsis also revealed that this particular episode is “a very Emma-centric episode,” but there will be no flashbacks to her past. Maybe this dreamcatcher will help Emma’s loved ones track her down as the Dark One?

6. Episode 506: “The Bear and the Bow”

This definitely has to do with Brave‘s Merida, right? Amy Manson is playing the red-headed heroine, so maybe this episode revolves around her. As fans know, Brave dealt with both bears and bows. Plus, it seems Brave was first announced as The Bear and the Bow.

7. Episode 507: “Nimue”

Finally, “Nimue.” No, I’m pretty sure this episode has nothing to do with Nemo, or so I think. Anyways, Nimue actually stands for Lady of the Lake, who is known for giving Arthur his magical Excalibur sword, enchanting Lancelot and raising Merlin after the death of his father. As OUAT fans might recall, Season 2, Episode 3 was titled, “Lady of the Lake,” which featured Snow and Emma, with help from Aurora, Mulan and Lancelot, trying to find a portal back to Storybrooke from the Enchanted Forest. Well, it looks like there is a very good chance that the Lady of the Lake is returning for a bigger story line and role.

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Once Upon a Time returns Sunday, Sept. 27, at 8/7c on ABC.

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