DWTS: Andy Grammer dishes about his first performance and his sore hammies

Sep 16, 2015 at 10:05 a.m. ET
Image: Andy Grammer

I have officially done my first dance on Dancing With the Stars, and holy crap is it hard! My hammies are super tight as I type this because my partner Allison Holker went hard on me yesterday, teaching me leg kicks for hours on end. (They are coming along — slowly.)

It's been a pretty intense schedule 'cause I'm still touring with my new single "Good to Be Alive" having just been released, so Allison has been flying out to all my shows to rehearse. This past week, we danced in rehearsal studios between sound check

and shows in Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Portland and Maine. Having never really danced, it's fun to try something so totally different and also try on clothes that make me look like a magician. Overall, it's been a good first week, and my house smells like Icy Hot.

Now it's time to answer the questions you're probably wondering about most about my first week...

What did you have the most difficulty with, preparing for your routine this week?

Everything! It was so much information. The dance steps

themselves were tough, and then the form of the Fox-trot was pretty foreign to me.

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Besides yourself, which duo do you think did the best last night?

I felt like Bindi and Derek looked pretty good. A little too good.

What was your opinion of the judges' critique? How much of what they said did you agree


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I actually thought they were really fair to all of us. I came out right in the middle, and after seeing all the performances, [it] totally felt fair.

Andy Grammer DWTS dancers
Image: Andy Grammer

As you get further into the competition, how are you handling the rehearsals and pressure with non-DWTS life?

I think I'm actually just getting revved up. Dancing is a completely different skill for me, but I feel like I'm starting to get into a rhythm.

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What did fans not see backstage?

Honestly, fans see everything! There are cameras in the mirrors. You literally see every little last thing.

What's one piece of advice Allison gave you this week?

I mean it's hard to pick one. Basically, she is giving me dancing advice for about six hours every day. She's so wonderful, and one of the best dancers in the world, so taking advice from her isn't too bad.

What will we see from you next week?

Next week, we are performing a Jive. I feel like it's a little more my personality, super uptempo and upbeat. I feel like we are coming out swinging next week! #TeamAndison

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