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Total Divas‘ Paige might be moving too fast with her engagement

Paige and Kevin got engaged during tonight’s episode of Total Divas, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Based on her wishy-washy attitude regarding holy matrimony, the WWE Diva is not ready to get hitched.

Total Divas Paige is unimpressed
Image: E!

Nikki Bella and Paige could not differ more in their attitudes regarding marriage. While Nikki is obviously ready to tie the knot with John Cena, Paige is very ambivalent about the whole idea of getting married to her boyfriend, Kevin Skaff.

Kevin's proposal
Image: E!

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Tonight on Total Divas, Paige snooped through her boyfriend’s stuff in hopes of determining whether he was hiding an engagement ring. The whole affair was tinged, not with excitement, but with a sense of dread. Once Paige found the ring, she was tempted to tell Kevin that there was no way that she would say yes in the event of a proposal. By the end of the episode, however, the WWE Diva had changed her mind, leaving viewers very worried about the couple’s future. Why get engaged if you can’t get excited about being married?

Kevin and Paige
Image: E!

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Paige may have seemed ambivalent about saying “I do,” but her followers on Twitter are even less enthused about the idea. The reasons for this skepticism differ from one Twitter user to the next, with many claiming that Paige is simply too young to be a married woman. Others feel that there’s nothing wrong with an ordinary 23-year-old getting engaged, but that it could be an issue for somebody who is constantly on the road. But the vast majority of the skeptics believe that Paige is simply not excited enough about getting married. She should be thrilled about Kevin’s proposal, but instead, she’s barely feigning interest. The following are just a few of the many negative responses to Paige’s engagement.

Whether the Twitterverse likes it or not, Paige now has an engagement ring on her finger. That being said, she has no intention of actually getting married in the near future. After giving Kevin a reluctant yes, Paige admitted that she was not about to set a specific date for the ceremony. She claimed to take comfort in the lengthy nature of many of today’s engagements. Less than two years of engagement is absolutely not an option for Paige, but given how reluctant she seems to get married, she and Kevin might not make two years — they might break off their engagement instead!

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