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Big Brother‘s Vanessa might have just made the worst move of her game

Vanessa has gone back and forth with her Big Brother game plan the whole season. On the second day in the Big Brother house, she made a deal with Austin to go to the final two. Over the season, however, viewers saw her waver when it came to her faith in that alliance as she watched Austin’s loyalty to Liz grow.

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However, earlier this week — when Vanessa put both members of her other alliance, Steve and Johnny Mac, on the block — viewers just thought she was crazy and couldn’t make up her mind. Which duo does she really trust and who does she want to go to the finals with?

At the beginning of the surprise live eviction episode, viewers saw Johnny Mac win the Power of Veto, taking himself off the block and forcing Vanessa to put up either Austin or Liz. Since she avoided putting up the showmance in the first place, everyone assumed she would vote to keep Austin if given the opportunity via a tiebreaker. Fans were shocked and thrilled when Vanessa sent Austin out the door.

What does Vanessa’s betrayal of the showmance mean for her remaining time in the house? As he walked out the door, Austin told Vanessa that there is no way she can win the game now because he is on the jury. Vanessa can probably count on three votes against her from the jury members, but what about the other members of the jury?

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Throughout the season, Vanessa has almost single-handedly masterminded all of the big evictions in the house. One by one, she has sent home people who could beat her either physically or because they were more likable. She helped break up the twins and then split up the big showmance, Austin and Liz. She has definitely played the game and thought through every step.

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By breaking up Austin and Liz, Vanessa has given herself the chance to actually get to the final two on the show. Everyone knows that if there were three standing — Austin, Liz and Vanessa — and if it came down to Austin or Liz picking who was going to go with them to the finals, they would pick each other. Vanessa has put all her eggs in Johnny Mac and Steve’s basket, trusting that they will take her to the final three and that maybe one of them will take her to the final two. Vanessa made the only decision she could to help give herself a chance to get to the finals.

So, did Vanessa’s latest big blindside help her chances of winning Big Brother or did the poker player just gamble away $500,000?

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