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Kim Zolciak causes a scene at LAX for a completely understandable reason

Monday night was not the best night for Dancing with the Stars performer and reality TV star Kim Zolciak.

After a dismal performance, I’m sure all she wanted to do was jet back home to her husband and kids and maybe tuck into a pint of Ben and Jerry’s.

But first she had to get through LAX… and that just didn’t seem to be happening.

In a video caught by a bystander, the 37-year-old mother of six can be seen having an argument I am 100 percent positive every one of us has had with a gate agent, TSA agent or other poor soul at the airport. While you can’t hear everything being said by either Zolciak or the ticketing agents, you can clearly see she is pissed her bags are on one flight, she has been waiting for hours and there seems to be some mix-up with the tickets. She can be heard saying, “My bags are on another flight now because you guys can’t understand. That’s a problem for me. I’ve got a lot of money in those bags.”

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According to TMZ, the Delta employees couldn’t find details of either her daughter, Brielle, or her hair stylist’s reservations on the flight they were hoping to catch, even though they were inexplicably issued boarding passes.

I don’t pretend to understand how the entire airline system works, but that sure sounds infuriating to me.

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Honestly, I know, with my short temper, after a bad performance and then hours waiting at the airport, I would have been twice as hard on the employees. After a taxing and patience-trying evening, Zolciak and her entourage did finally get home, only later than they wanted. And, of course, the Don’t Be Tardy star took to social media the same way the rest of us would to voice our outrage at what she thought was terrible customer service.

She tweeted, “I’m so done with you @DeltaAssist.”

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What do you think? Was this a diva tirade or was her anger warranted?

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