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The threats against Caitlyn Jenner are getting out of control

The double-edged sword of living your life in the public eye.

Caitlyn Jenner is finding out all too well that living out this tumultuous chapter in her life in the public eye is going to be extremely difficult given the vast array of beliefs, from support to condemnation, of her recent and upcoming life changes.

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TMZ has reported that Jenner has allegedly filed paperwork asking a judge to formally declare her a woman, but there are a few rather large and pretty scary hitches.

For these petitions to be fulfilled, she will have to submit various histories and personal information, including personal medical data for consideration. She is afraid to provide the necessary health and medical background because she has had or will get threats of physical harm.

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According to the tabloid website, Jenner has filed legal documents in LA County Superior Court to have her legal name changed to Caitlyn, as well as have her sex changed to female.

The issue with getting these things through the court system is that she is fearful of her personal and medical histories becoming public, and that creates the fear that the threats she already receives will escalate when made public, according to a TMZ source close to Jenner.

During the final episode of I Am Cait, we see Jenner in a celebration and ritual changing of her name from Bruce to Caitlyn. This is a non-legally binding ceremony, though she would obviously like to make things legal. Jenner has on several occasions mentioned that she was fearful of being put in prison in connection with the fatal car crash she was involved in several months ago, and being included in the male population if she were to be incarcerated. So the change is not only symbolic and personal for Jenner, but a safety concern as well.

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