Derick Dillard shares telling tweet about fearing God

Sep 15, 2015 at 6:23 p.m. ET
Image: TLC

Derick Dillard, of the Duggar clan, shared a tweet Tuesday morning of a Bible verse that might be more meaningful than you think.

Dillard is in the midst of a scandal of his own right now. He and his wife, Jill Dillard (formerly Duggar), have been on a mission trip in El Salvador since June with their baby, Israel. The couple asked for donations to help support their efforts. But in only the few months they've been abroad, they've already traveled back to the U.S. twice, plus reportedly paid for Jill's sister, Joy-Anna Duggar, to visit them with a friend.

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Now, fans who donated to their cause are demanding accountability for that money.

And though the Dillards haven't commented at all, either to justify their actions or to explain where that money is going, Derick did have something to say this morning on his Twitter.


Now, this is far from the first Bible verse Derick has shared. But we doubt he chooses them at random. And this one seems especially poignant given the Josh Duggar cheating scandal and the Dillards' current money scandal.

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Could Derick be suggesting that he's confident in the way his family is using the donated money? Or is he perhaps using the words to encourage the Duggar family as they navigate through the Josh Duggar scandal?

Perhaps Derick is searching for that "refuge" from all of the hate. Either that or, as the quote suggests, his faith has already provided one for him.

What is safe to assume is that Derick is confident his family will be able to get through whatever hardships they're facing because they fear God.

But maybe he should also fear the public opinion since it is heatedly turning against him as days pass without an explanation for where all the donation money is going.

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Of course, commenters on our last article about the donation money have pointed out that the parents very well could be funding the Dillards' travel, while the donations are funding their ministry efforts. But without any clear statement from Derick and Jill, the exact use of the money is unknown.

Do you think Derick and Jill owe fans an explanation of how they're spending funds or are they free to use donations for ministry work as they please?