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Downton Abbey trailer teases new details about the emotional final season

When January rolls around stateside, it’s sure going to be a sad month, especially since that’s when the final season of Downton Abbey airs. Can you believe the beloved British period drama is coming to an end? I’m not ready to say goodbye to the Crawleys and every other character I’ve grown to adore. Plus, it doesn’t help that all these Season 6 trailers are tugging at my heartstrings.

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Another new trailer for Season 6 is here, which means you’d better pull out the tissues. It’s not as tear-jerking as the first teaser released, but watching how things might and could end on Downton Abbey is surely an emotional roller coaster.

However, I do love seeing teasers pop up in trailers, because they keep me intrigued until the season airs. When it comes to Downton, well, I don’t like waiting for new episodes, especially when those across the pond will get to watch the final moments of this beloved show before I do. Anyone else jealous?

With that said, this first look at Downton offers up new details about the upcoming season. Of course, there seems to be a lot of drama, witty remarks and a possible new romance. Now, let’s get to the juicy scoop.

1. The Crawleys take a trip

Per usual Crawley fashion, the family takes a trip to what looks like another gorgeous estate. Actually, it’s a place near and dear to Robert’s heart, as he says, “I used to come here all the time as a boy.”

2. Major changes are ahead at Downton

I’m sure many fans have expected this, but it seems big changes are coming to Downton, which just might mean cutting back on some of the staff. First, Carson is not happy about that, especially when Robert declares, “Who has an underbutler these days?”

3. Carson’s still set in his ways

As mentioned above, Carson is still all about tradition, running a household the old-fashioned way and not keeping up with the times. For example, while chatting with Mrs. Hughes, aka his fiancée, she asks, “You don’t think maybe you should start calling me Elsie?” He replies, “Not here! Not while we’re working.” Oh, Carson.

4. Miss Denker returns

And here comes the drama, thanks to Miss Denker, who got poor Andy, the new footman, in trouble during Rose’s wedding. It looks like she’s back and possibly causing even more trouble, but Mrs. Patmore isn’t having any of it.

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Isobel and Violet are best friends who love to argue and view certain issues quite differently. Based on the trailer, they appear to be butting heads about the hospital. After Isobel stands her ground, Violet says to her, “May the best man win!”

6. Edith is trying to make a life

The first mention of Edith is from Mary, who dryly says, “Edith alone on the town. What will she get up to?” Then, we see her in London with Aunt Rosamund, where Edith discusses how much she wants a life and possibly one in London.

7. A Thomas and Andy romance?

I could easily be jumping the gun here, but it’s quite possible Thomas and Andy could form a romantic relationship. As Thomas tells Mrs. Hughes, “I just want to be his friend.” Is he talking about Andy? There’s a good chance. Whatever the case, it’s nice to see Thomas forming close bonds at Downton.

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Downton Abbey returns for its final season Sunday, Jan. 3 on PBS.

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