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Below Deck‘s chief stew opens up about an off-yacht relationship with Dean

Is it just us, or is the third season of Below Deck the best one ever? With such a fresh and quirky crew, it seems as if any minute, the ish is going to hit the fan. The mega-yacht’s chief stew, Kate Chastain, shared her insight into two of this season’s most interesting characters: third stew Raquel “Rocky” Dakota and returning charter guest Dean.

From the minute the Below Deck Season 3 previews started to roll, Deckies were excited to learn that charter guest Dean was back on board. Last season, Dean’s particular demands were a key element in the drama during his time on board, only trumped by Chastain’s “towel art” that may or may not have been in the shape of the male reproductive organ. Captain Lee looked like he wanted to murder her, but Dean shrugged it off and returned.

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Between the towel art, Chastain’s ability to cater to his desires better than anyone else’s and their strange, flirtatious-but-professional chemistry, plenty of fans are shipping Chastain and Dean. They seem to be on a similar wavelength, with the same level of standards. But could they ever be friends (or more) back on dry land? We posed the answer to Chastain and got a surprising answer.

“I actually have been out to Scottsdale [where Dean is based] and had dinner and drinks with Dean,” she shared. “We email each other every now and then, and I can only laugh looking back at how our friendship began. I don’t think that I’m Dean’s type, but we certainly have similar interests.”

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Our thoughts: Dean, seriously. If Kate Chastain’s not your type, then it’s time to change your type. Not only is she perfect, but she seems perfect for you (at least from the very tiny bit we know).

During Dean’s charter, there was another yachtie catching more attention than Chastain, though. No one could look away from Dakota in her mermaid fin (which she apparently takes everywhere with her). While she’ll clearly be a massive hit on tonight’s episode, her time on Below Deck has thus far been full of drama. We asked Chastain what she thought of Dakota.

“In all seriousness, I don’t think Rocky is cut out for the yachting industry,” Chastain said. “She is a free spirit, which I totally love, but people who can’t also get comfortable with rules, work and respect for authority never last long in this industry.”

It wasn’t all bad blood, though. Before explaining her biggest issues with Dakota, she addressed some of the third stew’s more favorable traits.

“I actually think Rocky is a very talented woman. She’s energetic, she’s athletic, she can sing and dance, and she’s quite pretty,” Chastain said. “The only problem with Rocky that I had was that she clearly lied about her yachting experience, which just made more work for Amy and I. On top of not knowing what she was doing, Rocky also refused to learn. I’m not the one who asked her to be our third stewardess; that was her decision. Yet somehow, she was always upset whenever I asked her to do the job that she signed up for. I don’t like to have tension with my fellow stewardesses, but my main job is to make sure that the charter guests are happy and that the boat’s interior is running smoothly, and sometimes that means I have to ask people to do their job, which Rocky took as a personal attack the entire season. So yeah, the clashing continues.”

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Yessssssss! As much as we want Dakota to be happy and for Chastain to not be stressed out by the lack of help from a third stew, we love drama even more. That’s why we watch Below Deck and Bravo, after all. Right? All the drama on Below Deck continues on Tuesdays at 9/8c.

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