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Catelynn Lowell fans discover something very suspicious about her new pic

Teen Mom star Catelynn Lowell has been trying to get back into shape after the birth of her second daughter, Novalee Reign — or has she? Because fans have noticed something incredibly suspicious about Lowell’s recent workout picture.

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Lowell took to Instagram last week to post a picture of herself after her workout, showing her eating an IdealShape bar — this is a product she and husband Tyler Baltierra have both been promoting heavily on social media in recent weeks.

She captioned the pic, “Just finished an amazing workout! Thanks @idealshape for sending me protein bars to help me with recovery! I’ll just be enjoying my IdealBars over here in the corner. #ChangeYourAppetite” — and fans are calling foul.

In the pic, Lowell can be seen wearing a pair of flip-flops, which are not exactly workout shoes, something that fans have clearly pointed out.

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“Nice try! No one works out in flip flops lmao!” user monika_emmanuel wrote. And she’s not the only one who noted the unusual choice of footwear.

Other comments include, “Flip flops aren’t good to work out in. And 2 bars?” “You workout with your flip flops on?” “Nice flip flops,” and “she’s wearing flip flops.”

Other fans have slammed Lowell for staging the photo — she was accused of doing the same thing the last time she posted a “workout” picture.

“Yes look on your face [sic] really looks like you are enjoying that too, come on what a joke!” sashamargaret1978 wrote.

“U call work out [sic] sit on the gym while eating? Cause your face / hair and body don’t look like u have do anything at all…” user muna176 said.

One fan even slammed Lowell for being an embarrassment to IdealShape, saying, “Quite the joke and I would say an embarrassment to @idealshape If you’re going to pay someone to advertise a “health product”, they should actually be physically exerting themselves and showing results and the photos should not be so OBVIOUSLY staged….”

Do you agree with fans’ comments? Or is it possible that Catelynn Lowell was working out and everyone is being unfairly judgmental? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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