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Victoria Beckham should love the fact that Harper wants to play football

Mum-of-four Victoria Beckham has said that having a football-loving daughter is “like a dagger” through the heart — and we’re not sure she’s completely joking.

The fashion designer made the comment during an interview with Good Morning America, which aired on Monday. Beckham spoke to ABC News’ Amy Robach following her appearance at New York Fashion Week.

She revealed that although 4-year-old Harper enjoys putting on makeup and trying on her mum’s shoes “she’s a tomboy because she has three brothers.”

“She said to me the other day: ‘Mummy I think I want to play football. A dagger through the heart. I have three boys who want to play football, you know, come on, let one of them want to be in fashion or dance,” she continued.
Video credit: Good Morning America fan/YouTube

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Harper’s big brothers Brooklyn, 16, Romeo, 13, and Cruz, 10, “love kicking footballs around,” the former Spice Girl said. Which is hardly surprising given their famous footballing father. Nor is it any surprise that the passion is rubbing off on “tomboy” Harper.

In June David Beckham posted a super cute snap on his Instagram account of his adorable daughter scoring a goal — complete with dinky pink football boots — in the back garden of the Beckhams’ London home. Beckham captioned the picture with a heart emoji and made reference to a famous American female soccer player: “Mia Hamm eat your heart out Harper Seven taking lessons from her brothers ( oh and her dad).” (sic)

Courtesy: David Beckham/Instagram

A few days later he shared a pic of an “amazing gift” from the England women’s football team: Harper’s very own football kit with her name (and her dad’s number seven) on the back.

Courtesy: David Beckham/Instagram

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The doting dad previously suggested Harper is a girl with two sides, telling Glamour magazine: “Harper’s wearing Victoria’s heels every single day. She walks into the house and puts her ballerina outfit on and a pair of heels. She’s very funny because she also wears the boys’ football boots.”

If Harper continues to work on her footballing skills it could be great news for all the little girls who’d rather pull on a footy strip than a tutu — in the same way that little boys who love to dance should be encouraged to start ballet.

After all who would be better than the daughter of the world-famous, record-holding former England captain to inspire a new wave of female footballers. Following the #ThisGirlCan campaign, we need to keep the spotlight on female athletes, encouraging girls to embrace all sports, even those typically associated with men.

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