Bobby Brown makes devastating statement about losing his family

We knew that Bobby Brown’s pain was probably unbearable considering the recent tragedy involving his daughter, but we didn’t really realize the full depths of Brown’s suffering until now.

The singer appeared on the talk show The Real on Monday to discuss the tragic death of Bobbi Kristina Brown, who died on July 26, nearly six months after being found unresponsive in a bathtub, and he revealed that his loss goes much deeper than just her gut-wrenching death.

Brown spoke of the death of other loved ones he has endured in his own recent history and said that his wife, Alicia Etheredge, has been his rock through it all.

“I mean after losing my mom, my dad, my ex-wife, my daughter in the last six years, the only thing I had to lean on was her,” Brown said of Etheredge. “She’s probably tired of me leaning on her, but she’s held me up, and she’s got my back. And you know anytime I need to lean to the side or lean forward, you know she’s right there.”

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In addition to Etheredge, Brown also credited the birth of his baby daughter, Bodhi, with keeping him strong. “It’s not an easy process. It’s not easy at all,” he said of his grief. “God was gracious enough to give me a baby girl in the last two months, you know, after losing one.”

Brown also announced the Bobbi Kristina Serenity House, a resource center for women who are victims of domestic violence.

“It’s a place that I’m building… that I feel is needed,” Brown said. “Because if I could have been there two days before anything happened to my daughter, it wouldn’t have went down like that.”

Brown’s positivity, despite his hardships, has not been lost on his fans, and many voiced their support for the singer on social media following his interview on The Real.

Though Brown kept things focused on healing and moving forward, he did make mention of the current lawsuit against Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon, who is being accused of the woman’s wrongful death.

“I mean, I’m not going to call anybody out, but I really just want to tell the D.A. of Atlanta, Georgia, that he needs to look closely into the investigation that’s going on that caused my daughter to pass,” he said.

You can watch a clip of Brown’s interview on The Real below.