Ladies of London fans attack Marissa for letting fame change her

Last season, American Marissa Hermer was a darling among the Ladies of London cast. Now, fans are starting to wonder if the seemingly sweet public relations expert just wants to ascend London’s social ladder as quickly as possible.

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This week, Juliet and Marissa are both feeling the sting of the Thanksgiving dinner debacle, but neither of them is really dealing with it. Marissa doesn’t attend newcomer Caroline Fleming’s Scandinavian Christmas party and she doesn’t invite Juliet or her family to her Christmas sing-along at Royal Albert Hall. Marissa justifies her behavior by talking about how hurt she was over Thanksgiving, but Twitter is not buying it.

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If you watched Ladies of London last season, you’ll remember that Juliet and Marissa were thick as thieves, and although they still had the occasional quarrel, the two Americans were determined to stick together amid the posh and uptight society folks around them. So the arguments about Thanksgiving and Juliet’s exclusion from Christmas aren’t the first issues they’ve had, and Juliet decides to sit down with Marissa to figure out if their friendship can be saved. She tells Marissa she’s feeling vulnerable and lonely, but it’s as though if she doesn’t play by Marissa’s rules, there’s no being friends. It’s pretty clear that Marissa’s willing to let the friendship go, to the chagrin of people on Twitter, who felt angry and betrayed.

It’s still very early in the season, so maybe it’s not too late for Marissa and Juliet to patch things up, but right now, it doesn’t look promising. Let’s hope these two can be civil and maybe even manage to support each other.

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Do you think Marissa behaved badly towards Juliet? Is Juliet also responsible for creating drama? Can they repair their relationship?