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Scandal cliffhangers: Where each character is moving into Season 5

Can you believe the Scandal Season 5 premiere is right around the corner? Ever since Season 4 ended, my fellow Gladiators have been impatiently waiting to see what the beloved Shonda Rhimes drama has in store for us during the new season. Sadly, fans are going to have to wait a little bit longer.

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Until then, let’s take a moment to reflect back on the Season 4 finale and see where each character is and where they might be going throughout this coming season.


Last season: Even though she failed in getting the CIA to help take down B613, she managed to put Papa Pope behind bars on embezzlement charges. Then, at the very end, Olitz fans finally got what they’ve wanted for a very long time: an Olivia and Fitz reunion on the White House balcony.

Ahead: As showcased in the Season 5 trailer, Olivia and Fitz are keeping things quite steamy and having their moment in the sun. As for her work, per Rhimes who spoke with TV Line, there just might be a “reconstitution” of the Gladiators.


Last season: Not only did he kick Mellie out of the White House, after discovering her short-lived partnership with Papa Pope, but he also fired Cyrus as his chief of staff after learning he, too, was working with Rowan. At least he had somewhat of a happy ending with Olivia at the White House.

Ahead: Things seem to be all hot and heavy with Olivia. So much so, that Fitz seems to be filing for divorce from Mellie — at least, that’s what the below Season 5 trailer teases.


Last season: Mellie made a deal with the devil, aka Papa Pope, in order to keep her affair with Andrew secret, in addition to Operation Remington hidden. Where did that leave her? Oh, you know, getting the grand jury from the B613 court case shot and killed. After Fitz discovered Mellie’s involvement and her deal with Rowan, well, he kicked her out of the White House. The good thing? She did win her Senate seat.

Ahead: Based on the Season 5 trailer, Fitz wants a divorce. As for Mellie, while chatting with TV Line, Bellamy Young revealed her character will be “less self-indulgent” and she won’t give up without a fight.


Last season: As stated above, Jake tried to help Olivia take down B613, but ended up failing. However, he did assist her in putting Rowan behind bars. As for his “relationship” with Olivia? Well, he told her he was done and she needed to go be with the man she loved, aka Fitz.

Ahead: Now that Olivia is with Fitz, does this mean Jake will get a new love interest? Who knows, but per Rhimes, who chatted with Entertainment Weekly, “Jake goes on a journey that might destroy everything.” That sure doesn’t sound good.


Last season: After working with Rowan to help silence the B613 takedown and spring Mama Pope from prison, Fitz fired Cyrus. So, who is the new chief of staff? None other than Lizzie Bear, played by now-series regular Portia de Rossi.

Ahead: What will Cyrus’ life outside the White House look like? It seems that very question will be answered, but I have a feeling he’s going to have a hard time adjusting to not being in power.

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Last season: Well, Huck found his taste for “whiskey” once more. Thanks to Rowan, Huck murdered the bus of grand jurors, after Papa Pope threatened Huck’s wife and son.

Ahead: Will Huck survive the wrath of Quinn, who found out what he did to the jurors? Seeing as Guillermo Díaz has been spotted filming, I’m going with yes. As for what’s next, who knows, but anything could happen. This is Scandal, after all.


Last season: Quinn had one of the bigger cliffhangers. After figuring out that Huck was responsible for murdering the grand jury, she pulled a gun on him at OPA and pressed it against his temple. End scene.

Ahead: I’m pretty sure Quinn won’t kill Huck, but based on this tweet and Instagram post shared by Katie Lowes, things are looking kind of ominous for Huck, Quinn and Scandal, in general. What else is new?


Last season: Abby didn’t play a major part in the Season 4 finale, but she was still doing her thing as the White House press secretary.

Ahead: Here’s hoping Scandal will continue to showcase Abby in a bright light and give her even more amazing speeches empowering women. As for Leo, will they last? I’m waiting for David to pop back in the picture.


Last season: As much as David wanted to shut down B613, he was forced to stop, thanks to Cyrus via Papa Pope threatening Abby’s life.

Ahead: I’m not so sure what’s ahead for David, but maybe there will be an Abby and David reunion?

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Scandal returns Thursday, Sept. 24 at 9/8c on ABC.

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