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New reports state Heather Thomson quit RHONY to save her marriage

Heather Thomson said she was leaving RHONY to focus on her business, but the real reason might actually be a savvy move to save her marriage.

According to a source close to the reality star, Thomson and her husband, Jonathan Schindler, have been experiencing marital difficulties and she has no desire to broadcast them to the entire world on national television.

“Heather is a very proud person and has no intention of letting her relationship drama play out on the show,” a source told OK! magazine. “So she’s taking a step back to focus on her husband.”

This was vaguely hinted at in Thomson’s statement about leaving the show, in which she said she needed more time to focus on her family and her business.

Probably a smart move on Thomson’s part. Over 20 Real Housewives franchise cast members have gotten divorced from their spouses since appearing on the show, including her RHONY costars Bethenny Frankel (whose split is still not finalized three years after filing) and Ramona Singer, who caught her husband, Mario, with his mistress in the couple’s Hamptons home.

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Neither of those sound like very appealing ways for a marriage to wind up, so we can’t really blame Thomson for stepping out of the spotlight to devote more time to her husband and children if that’s what she feels is best.

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