Manzo'd With Children's Caroline is nearly as big a bridezilla as Lauren

Sep 13, 2015 at 11:24 p.m. ET
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It's no secret that Lauren Manzo is a huge bridezilla, but fans of Manzo'd With Children expected Caroline Manzo to be a bit more tempered than her daughter. All that went out the window when Caroline began to plan Lauren's bridal shower.

The second season of Manzo'd With Children has largely focused on Lauren's bridezilla tendencies — and how they cause a ton of drama within the family. Lauren is the very definition of a bridezilla, but if tonight's episode is any indication, she learned it all from her mom. That's right — Caroline is also a major bridezilla. It's not uncommon for someone who is about to tie the knot to get a bit carried away in all of the excitement of wedding planning, but there's really no reason for the mother of the bride to be just as nuts as her daughter.

Caroline and Lauren Manzo

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Caroline has called out Lauren on multiple occasions for letting her bridezilla behavior get out of control, but tonight, she got nearly as carried away as her daughter. The proud mom decided to throw Lauren a very memorable bridal shower. Like everything to do with Lauren's wedding, this event was an over-the-top affair. The typical bridal shower involves invites for a few dozen guests, but 100 friends and family members attended the future Mrs. Scalia's special day. These lucky bridal shower attendees were treated to a very fancy affair.

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There's nothing wrong with wanting to put on a nice event for your daughter, but in throwing such a lavish party, Caroline may have been sending the wrong message to the gal she's previously accused of being a major bridezilla. Usually, Manzo'd With Children's fans on Twitter are all in favor of Caroline's schemes, but after seeing the scope of Lauren's bridal shower, a few began to question the reality star's intentions.


Although Caroline put a ton of thought into her daughter's bridal shower, she did have one faux pas that only strengthened the allegations of her being a complete bridezilla: She wore white to her daughter's shower! Although not quite as bad as wearing white to somebody else's wedding, this is still rather unusual, especially for somebody so clearly obsessed with getting all of the details surrounding the shower just right.


Lauren Manzo's bridal shower

Never one to be outdone by her mom, Lauren decided to ditch the standard white bridal shower outfit and instead opted for a full-on custom wedding dress. The gown was gorgeous, but it did nothing to improve Lauren's unfortunate reputation. Thus, despite Caroline's insistence on throwing an over-the-top shower, Lauren continues to retain her title as Manzo'd With Children's biggest bridezilla.

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