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Fear the Walking Dead theories: When and how each major character will die

We’re three episodes into Fear the Walking Dead‘s inaugural season, and we’ve certainly lost a few secondary characters (RIP, Principal Artie). But which one of the major characters will be the first to go, and how will their fates be sealed? We’ve got a couple of guesses.

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Because we’re so early in the season — and because everyone is still coming to terms with the fact that civilization is crumbling around them — we’ve yet to see many, if any, characters break out in any genuine sort of badassery (definitely a word in the zombie apocalypse). In The Walking Dead, the first glimpse we saw of many characters was that of strength and cunning. But that was because they had already been in the thick of it for quite some time; we only saw their earlier, more vulnerable moments via flashback.

And, while it’s hard to imagine Michonne ever made the kind of rookie mistakes the FTWD characters are making, it’s possible. We guess. But if these guys don’t start making better decisions, we’re convinced it won’t be long before they become zombie Lunchables. Here’s how we see it playing out.

1. Griselda Salazar (Patricia Reyes Spindola)

Fear the Walking Dead Griselda

Poor Griselda! As soon as that scaffolding fell and busted her ankle, her fate was sealed. Lisa pretty much predicted this one — her wound will get septic, she’ll die in her sleep, and then she’ll become the first sleepwalker. Get it, sleep-walker? Ha!

2. Chris Manawa (Lorenzo James Henrie)

Fear the Walking Dead Chris

It’s not that we want cutie patootie little Chris to become zombie bait. It’s just that we know so little about him. We haven’t gotten enough of him to get invested yet, and that’s never a good sign. Odds are that giant chip of teenage angst on his shoulder will make his last act of rebellion, uh, his last.

3. Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis)

Fear the Walking Dead Travis

We’re calling it now — Travis will be the token catastrophic loss of the first season finale. We actually have some quasi-solid evidence to back up this theory. Exhibit A: Daniel Salazar ominously says, “The good ones are always the first to die,” when Ofelia says Travis is a good man. Exhibit B: The series finale is titled, “The Good Man.” Heretofore, Travis will totally Pollyanna out, put himself in harm’s way to save someone else and his good deed will land him on the zombie lunch line.

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4. Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey)

Fear the Walking Dead Alicia

Please, we’re being generous letting Alicia make it to what we imagine will be the second season or so. Thus far, she has done very little to inspire confidence. Since facepalming can’t be considered a cause of death, we’re going to predict she loses Monopoly again and, whilst putting the board game away as losers must do, she runs into a hungry walker. Do not pass go; do not collect $200. See also: #ByeAlicia.

5. Ofelia Salazar (Mercedes Mason)

Fear the Walking Dead

Like Chris, we don’t know a ton about Ofelia, but this chickie — aside from having impeccable fashion sense — seems pretty sharp. We see her becoming to FTWD what Beth was to the TWD. Which, naturally, means her death will be gory, unexpected, devastating and spawn an online petition to bring her back… despite the fact she’s, like, super dead.

6. Lisa Ortiz (Elizabeth Rodriguez)

Fear the Walking Lisa

Do we love Lisa partly because we’re deferring some of the street smarts of actress Elizabeth Rodriguez’s OITNB character to this character? Probably. But, to Lisa’s credit, she does seem pretty shrewd, and she is a nurse. Medical people are always good to have around during a zombie apocalypse. The big twist here would be if she gets bitten trying to save Madison, the new lady in her ex-husband’s life.

7. Madison Clark (Kim Dickens)

Fear the Walking Dead Madison

Despite the fact that Madison is making some seriously questionable choices up to this point, she is starting to show she can think on her feet and that she understands self-preservation. We’re hoping that, instead of a patriarchal society emerging during the zombie apocalypse, a matriarchal society sprouts up around the unlikely alliance of Lisa and Madison. Ultimately, though, Madison will likely die for a man — her son, Nick. That or she left another gosh damn door open.

8. Nick Clark (Frank Dillane)

Fear the Walking Dead Nick

The series obviously seems to be centered on Nick, currently a tweaker trying to kick the habit. At this point, he is still very self-centered, yet also somehow alarmingly aware of what’s going on. Since he’s such a central character, he’ll be one of the last to die. When he does, though, it’ll be in a blaze (not that kind, you guys… he’s done with drugs) of glory.

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9. Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades)

Fear the Walking Dead Daniel

Can we talk for a minute about what a total BAMF Daniel is? This dude is in it to win it. He’s been drawing comparisons online to Hershel, but we see him much more in the role of Michonne — pragmatic but empathetic; self-sufficient but relationship-driven; cunning but measured. Surely he’ll outsmart the walkers for seasons to come.

10. Tobias (Lincoln A. Castellanos)

Fear the Walking Dead Tobias

So what we haven’t seen Tobias in weeks? Who care if IMDb only lists him for two episodes this season? They can’t kill off this guy. We predict he’ll show up again after Season 1, at which point he’ll help guide the gang out of a crisis with his Yoda-like zombie omniscience. Regardless, he’ll never really be dead because he’ll live on in fans’ hearts forever. Tobias 4 Lyfe!

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