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Don’t Be Tardy‘s Ariana Biermann has questionable motive for emancipation

Ariana Biermann still has a lot of growing up to do, as she once again proved during tonight’s episode of Don’t Be Tardy. The teen has big ideas about fleeing the nest, but her motives for leaving home are predictably immature.

Biermann is a nice girl, but like her older sister, she doesn’t have an accurate impression of the real world. She seems to think that she can just up and leave the nest and survive just fine on her own. Fortunately, Kim Zolciak is for once willing to put her foot down. She knows that she has failed to equip her daughter with the skills necessary to make it in the real world.

Kim Zolciak worried about Ariana

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Zolciak is by no means the only person who thinks that an emancipated Biermann is a bad idea. Don’t Be Tardy’s Twitter fans largely agree that Biermann would not do well on her own. Some are nicer than others about this opinion; responses to Biermann’s plans range from genuine concern to annoyed eye rolls.

In Biermann’s defense, it’s not exactly unusual for a teenager to want to leave home. Many teens want to get as far away from their parents as possible, and quite a few are tempted by the idea of emancipation. In all likelihood, this is just a phase that Biermann will outgrow. Also, as a few fans have been quick to point out, there is reason to feel at least a little bit of sympathy for the reality star. Although she lacks many essential life skills, she knows a thing or two about child care, as she seems to always be chasing after her mom’s younger children. Maybe, if Zolciak spent a little more time with her youngest kids, her teenage daughter would be a bit less eager to leave home.

Ariana Biermann and emancipation

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Although Biermann may be fed up by how often she has to watch the little kids, this may not be her true motive for leaving home. The reality star has admitted to being completely boy crazy — and not all that happy about her mom’s policy on dating. In all likelihood, she simply wants to get out of the house so that she can spend more time with her favorite boy of the moment. This is a terrible reason to pursue emancipation, but it is not exactly a surprise, coming from one of Zolciak’s kids.

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What do you think of Ariana Biermann’s big plans to leave home? Is this just part of being a teenager? Comment and share your opinion below!

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