Bring It's Coach Arthur is desperate for 15 minutes of fame

Sep 11, 2015 at 11:53 p.m. ET
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Bring It's Coach Dianna has earned herself a new rival, but is Coach Arthur really out to get the Dancing Dolls? Or is he simply hungry for reality TV fame?

Coach Dianna is used to being attacked by other coaches, but these petty rivalries have definitely gotten worse as time has gone on. Although Coach D is the type of woman who naturally attracts drama, she hasn't actually gone out of her way to launch these recent rivalries. Instead, various coaches from around the region have made a point of pissing off the Dancing Dolls' coach with their incredibly rude behavior.

Bring It's Coach Dianna mad

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Tonight's prime example of rudeness involved Coach Arthur from the Columbus Jaguars. Arthur decided that, instead of introducing himself with an email, over the phone or with a brief in-person visit, he'd write a really nasty note about how his team was going to take down the Dancing Dolls. This was very petty and entirely unnecessary, but was it truly spurred by his desire to take his rival team off their pedestal? Or could there be something else at play?

Some Bring It fans seem to think Coach Arthur isn't really interested in getting under Dianna's skin, but instead, is simply desperate for his 15 minutes of fame. Could his behavior on Bring It be contrived for the sake of reality television drama? These Twitter skeptics certainly think so:


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If Arthur was the first person to go after Coach D, he might not have been targeted by those decrying his alleged fame-hungry attitude. But he is just one in a long line of coaches targeting Dianna. Her team may be good, but it's not good enough to attract this level of drama. Combine a good team and a film crew, and the dynamics between coaches change almost immediately.


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Coach Arthur's behavior during tonight's episode of Bring It was definitely suspect. He went out of his way to anger Coach D, and clearly, he succeeded. He's not the first coach to use over-the-top behavior as a ploy for attention, and he probably won't be the last. Hopefully, as more and more coaches begin to come out of the woodwork, Dianna will learn to keep her cool. If not, fans will be in for even more drama on Bring It.

Do you think Coach Arthur would have been every bit as petty without the influence of a filming crew? Comment and share your opinion below!

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