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New PLL Season 6B theory may just be the most complicated yet

A new Pretty Little Liars theory could mean a lot more questions are headed our way.

Just when we thought we had all the answers we could hope for from Pretty Little Liars, a new fan theory for the upcoming 6B season not only makes a lot of sense, but it also just adds so many more questions to the layer upon layer that is the show.

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WARNING: If you are not caught up on Pretty Little Liars, read at your own discretion. Uber A spoilers below.

The theory started thanks to showrunner I. Marlene King, who revealed that the title for Season 6 Episode 20 will be, “Hush Hush Sweet Liars.”

PLL is known for weaving in some serious mantras to old films throughout its seasons. The biggest examples being the film noir episode called, “Shadow Play,” the fact that the coffee shop is called the Rear Window Brew, which pays homage to famed director Alfred Hitchcock, and the scene in Season 1’s episode, “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” in which the scene where Ian tries to kill Spencer was inspired by the final scene in the movie Vertigo.

So how does “Hush Hush Sweet Liars” lend itself for some serious clues? Well, one fan theorizes that the title was inspired by the 1964 film Hush… Hush Sweet Charlotte, in which a woman is suspected of killing her lover. Even more suspicious, Charlotte’s last name in the film is Hollis. Hollis, as Pretty Little Liars fans might remember, is the name of the college in town.

It’s also important to note, CeCe’s real name was Charles, which she then changed to Charlotte.

With all of these clever references to the movie, fans have theorized that Season 6B might take some of the key plot points to the flash forward when the show returns. Namely with regard to CeCe Drake, who was revealed as Uber A and Alison’s long lost sibling.

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In Hush… Hush Sweet Charlotte, Charlotte becomes haunted by the death of her lover and begins seeing visions of his decapitated head as she fights to keep her home years after the murder.

This could be a clue that CeCe might become haunted by her past. It is also a hint that she might murder again, as a fan explains in the post below.

It indicates that though the liars might have moved on from the hardships of the past when we begin the flash forward, it will no doubt catch up with them as new and strange things begin to happen once again.

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It also suggests there are more secrets from the past that might be uncovered. And if you didn’t already pity CeCe Drake, Season 6B might prove she’s the most tragic character of them all.

What theories do you have about where Season 6B is headed?

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