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RHOC‘s Meghan King Edmonds finally calls Brooks a liar (VIDEO)

Real Housewives stars aren’t known for pulling punches or sugarcoating their feelings.

And that sure was the truth here. During an interview with People magazine, Meghan King Edmonds from The Real Housewives of Orange County came right out and said she thought Brooks Ayers is lying about his cancer.

That is a harsh and loaded accusation. But it gets worse. She explained, “Every single person thinks what I am verbalizing.”

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She continued, “The general hypothesis is that, for example, in last week’s episode, ‘I go to the doctor because I have a lump and I need to get it [checked] out.'”

She explains why her suspicions arise from instances like that. She says, “You see that in the episode, but there’s really no follow-up, because it was an infection. Well, what if I said, ‘It’s not an infection, but cancer.’ No one can disprove that, and there is actual evidence of it starting somewhere because I did go to the doctor. It’s a real thing, but if I wanted to let that story grow legs I could, because no one can prove it. I think that’s what might have happened with Brooks.”

It is clear that Edmonds has no love for Ayers’ former flame, Vicki Gunvalson, either. She said she would like to see Gunvalson get booted from the show, explaining, “Hasn’t she aged out?”

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And while Gunvalson stood by her man despite all these accusations, Edmonds still doesn’t buy the cancer claims.

She said, “To answer the question, ‘Does Brooks have cancer?’ I don’t think so, but I can’t disprove that. The only thing that can actually prove or disprove it is medical records, and the only person who has access to those is the individual.”

Everyone knows that one person they just don’t quite believe and you feel terrible about it when it’s something serious like cancer, but Edmonds has no qualms about laying it all out like she is ordering lunch.

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