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Supernatural: Jared Padalecki shares interesting detail on Season 11 Sammy

More problems are ahead for Sam and Dean on Supernatural, which just might make this the most nervous I’ve ever been about a season yet. From the ominous Darkness to all that torture in the Season 11 trailer, I think it’s safe to say things definitely won’t be easy for the Winchester brothers. When is it ever?

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To make fans even more nervous and worked up about the upcoming season, Jared Padalecki revealed an interesting Sammy detail while chatting with Entertainment Weekly, which featured questions from fans. One fan asked, “How will Sam’s visions play into this season?” Yep, Sam is going to be experiencing visions, apparently.

For those who don’t recall, Sam previously had visions way back at the beginning of the series, but he hasn’t had any for a long time. I had actually forgotten about them until Padalecki brought it up. Anyways, what makes this so shocking is that it’s the first time I’ve heard Sam will definitely be having them again. Per Padalecki, it seems that even both Sam and Dean will be somewhat out of touch with reality, but it’s quite possible Sam will be dealing with the brunt of the visions.

He said, “Sam and Dean are both struggling with the idea that they don’t always know what’s real and what’s not, and they’re both having visions of sorts, or they both think they’re having visions.” Just wait, because it gets more interesting. He continued, “And Sam’s natural instinct is to back away from it at first because it takes him back to a deep, dark place, and he doesn’t know what they’re for. I say this with an asterisk because it is Supernatural, but Sam’s pretty grounded, pretty rooted in the reality of the situation, and he tries to go about it in a scholastic way.”

That “deep, dark place” the actor is referring to is that time Sam had visions/premonitions in the past. For those in need of a refresher, it seemed Sam would only have visions in relation to Azazel, aka Yellow Eyes, who was responsible for killing both Mary Winchester and Sam’s girlfriend Jessica. With that said, seeing as the visions stopped after Azazel died at the end of Season 2, does this mean he’s back for Season 11?

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If the Darkness is going to bring back familiar faces and old characters, as has been promised by executive producer Jeremy Carver, then there’s the possibility that we will see Azazel. Also, that means there’s a really good chance Sam is having visions again because Azazel is back, thanks to the Darkness. Who’s with me?

“When these visions start, he’s less concerned with what’s happening in the visions and more concerned with why he’s getting them and who’s sending them to him,” Padalecki added. “We’ll see Sam doing something we’ve never really seen him do — pray. He doesn’t know who he’s praying to but [is] just asking for some help, because he realizes it’s beyond him and it’s beyond Dean.”

Yeah, you’re going to need all the help you can get, Sam.

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Supernatural returns Wednesday, Oct. 7, at 9/8c on The CW.

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