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Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers might be rekindling their romance

Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers are reportedly still spending time together after their most recent breakup, and the news definitely means there’s more RHOC drama on the way.

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Just last night on the show, we saw Gunvalson’s daughter Briana calling her mother out on the show because she didn’t want to be around Ayers. Briana was also upset that her mother bought her a car because she felt like Gunvalson was trying to silence her on the issue of her boyfriend.

Briana wanted to stay in a hotel to keep things from getting awkward, which only led to an argument between the two.

“Why do you have to storm out and act all crazy?” Briana demanded. “And the car thing worries me, like are you doing this to silence me?… I’m just saying… to cover my own ass because [you’d] rather have me look bad than him [Ayers], I’m just saying I’m willing to stay in a hotel.”

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Gunvalson insists that the car was simply a gesture to make life easier but no one seemed to be buying it, including Gunvalson’s RHOC costar Meghan Edmonds, who said that she thinks Gunvalson is just trying to control and bribe her daughter.

In her blog post, Edmonds wrote, “I am beginning to see a pattern; Vicki attempts to control negativity (or perceived negativity) in her life by overcompensating with ‘positives’ she can control, such as a new car or invitation to stay at her home. Therefore she becomes a victim when a sore subject arises because she deflects to all the positive she has done.”

Of course, the show was taped a few months ago, so times have changed since the episode we saw last night. But Gunvalson and Ayers reportedly didn’t end their relationship because of all the family drama.

Rather, Gunvalson explained in a statement that, though they love each other, they realized their life paths weren’t headed in the same direction.

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But this wouldn’t be the first time the couple has broken up and then rekindled their romance. Over the course of their four-year relationship, they previously split in July 2013 and then reconciled in 2014.

Now, Enstars reports that the couple is talking again following their newest split. And a source claims the flame between the two could be growing again.

Do you think Gunvalson and Ayers should get back together, or is it time to move on for good?

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