Little Women: LA's Brittney Guzman talks about all the gossiping on the show

Sep 11, 2015 at 12:58 p.m. ET
Image: Lifetime

Jasmine's dad's restaurant was so nice, and I loved their margaritas. I mean — who doesn't love Mexican food?! I thought it was so nice of her to host a ladies' night. Until all the men started to show up.

All this baby talk and who's going to get married gets a bit annoying! I'm 22 years old! Let's talk about fun things. Let's go on adventures. That's why I'm always so quiet when we are all together. I'm not a person who always puts in my two cents; I just sit back and listen, and when I feel I have something to say, I will say it when I think it's right.

I'm happy for Elena and Preston's vow renewal. But I can't contribute much when all these old hags are always fighting about stuff I know nothing about. Just shut up and dance, ladies!

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The situation with Briana and Matt at the restaurant — well, I barely know Matt. I need to see and hear things for myself. These girls have known him longer than I have, and I'm not going to go by what they say; I'm not a follower. I'm going to say what I have to say when I want to say it. And honestly, who cares?! If Briana loves Matt, isn't that all that should matter?! Why does the youngest member of the group have to be the most mature?

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During my audition for Tonya's workout video, I felt complete confidence. I was a cheerleader, and I'm a dancer, so I know how to get in shape and go hard in my workouts. I'm glad Tonya realized and saw that I went hard on my audition and picked me. Now let's get our workout on. And bring on Doug, Tonya's trainer, every time!

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But there always has to be drama in every group activity we have. I'm glad Tonya let Briana audition, even though she was late. And as usual, the girls start gossiping about Briana and Matt, and as usual, I stay quiet. I don't think all this talking is going to do anything. And I'm so over it.

Thanks everyone for watching this season. There's still so much more to see....