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Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell slammed for staging her workout picture (PHOTO)

Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell’s weight has come under fire in recent months, so when she posted a photo of herself in a gym earlier this week, she most probably expected fans to cheer her on — but that’s not what happened.

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Lowell posted a snap of herself drinking an IdealShape drink and working out, which she captioned, “Excited to get back into a gym routine again! Thanks to @idealshape for the delicious IdealShake protein.”

But fans have questioned whether she was actually working out or if she just headed to the gym for a photo opportunity to promote the shake. Comments on her picture have been incredibly harsh, with fans claiming Lowell has no intention of losing weight and that she just wants to get paid.

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“She’s not going to lose weight. She’s just posing at the gym to get paid for the promo,” one user wrote.

Others agreed, with commenters focusing on how staged this photo is and that Lowell does not appear to be taking her workout seriously.

“You can clearly tell this is a joke to her it’s all over her face, she’s trying so hard not to laugh!” one fan wrote. Other comments read, “Not one bead of sweat. Hair laid. Beverage not even going to her mouth. Nice photo op, liar,” and “it’s kinda funny how people think she’s actually working out when this photo is clearly staged! Lol.”

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Both Lowell and her husband Tyler Baltierra have been seen promoting this product (and both of them have been slammed for using Instagram as a promotional tool), but is it fair to assume that Lowell only went to the gym to get paid?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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