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Kim Zolciak slammed for Photoshopping pic to make herself skinnier (PHOTO)

Kim Zolciak usually takes a lot of heat for the pictures she posts on social media, but her latest one has upset a lot of fans.

The Don’t Be Tardy star took to Instagram on Thursday to share a picture of herself posing in a coral-colored bikini.

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Zolciak wrote a lengthy caption on the snap about how she has “been the same size since I was 18 even after 6 kids.” She continued, “I eat everything in moderation but you guys know I’m a HUGE sweets eater! I don’t eat red meat or pork I never have (maybe that helps).”

But a lot of fans have pointed out that she did not work hard to naturally achieve her slim body — she paid for it.

“And all kinds of plastic surgery in 2014 lol who you kidding you didn’t do it naturally,” user juliavalenzisi wrote. And there are many more fans who agree.

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Comments include, “You can’t forget to thank all that plastic surgery too!,” “I love how she completely forgot to mention her tummy tuck and liposuction she had done. Sorry but giving your followers a false idea of how you got this body is just a damn shame,” “let’s not forget plastic surgery played a huge part in all of it,” and “you’re such a liar you’ve had surgery!! You don’t diet & exercise! Get over yourself and stop lying! @kimzolciakbiermann.”

Another critic accused the reality TV star of lying about her body, telling her she should own up to having plastic surgery. They wrote, “Oh STOP with the nonsense. You got surgery. Yummy tuck and Lipo. Your [sic] are not natural at all. Be honest.”

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However, if this wave of criticism was not enough, Zolciak has also been accused of Photoshopping her picture to make herself look smaller.

“Kim girl you know I love you but it’s almost painfully obvious the left side of your waist is photoshopped- it doesnt [sic] match the right and is weirdly contoured in contrast to how your body is…,” one fan wrote.

User iamphyllisha agreed, simply writing, “Overly photoshopped.”

One commenter also went on to slam Zolciak for making fans believe she is all natural when her image is allegedly altered.

“I’m not jealous or trying to be a troll but the left side is clearly photoshopped. The seat has NO cushion lines like the other side. Being a “public” figure this type of unattainable image is just so irresponsible,” the upset fan wrote, adding, “I wish you would maybe work on the insecurities you have with a therapist, and not photoshop [sic].”

Do you think the backlash over Kim Zolciak’s picture is fair? Or are her critics right to question her comments? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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