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Teen Mom 2 fans accuse Leah of using her child support money to buy drugs

Leah Messer continues to deny allegations indicating that she had a serious drug problem while filming the current season of Teen Mom 2. As bothered as she was by the drug allegations, she’s bound to be even more upset when she learns that her haters think she’s fueling her alleged drug use with Jeremy Calvert’s child support money.

After receiving a surprising amount of sympathy on Twitter last week, Leah Messer has returned to being one of the most disliked ladies on Teen Mom 2. This change of heart was largely prompted by the discovery of Leah’s child support arrangement, which involves a shocking $1,700 from Jeremy Calvert every month. Add this to the money Messer is getting from Corey Simms and the cash cow that is MTV, and it’s easy to see why she currently doesn’t appear to have anything resembling a job. Kids aren’t cheap, but West Virginia isn’t exactly known for its high cost of living — so where is all that money from Calvert and Simms going?

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According to a few of Messer’s more vocal critics on Twitter, the reality star’s child support is being used to fuel a very concerning drug addiction. Although Messer still wants fans to think that her mental health issues do not involve drugs, she looks a whole lot like, well, a drug abuser. The only missing piece of the puzzle is her ability to pay for drugs and, now, that little detail may have been brought into the open. Illicit substances cost a fortune, but the burden of paying for drugs could certainly be eased with the help of over $2,000 per month in child support.

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Without access to Messer’s checkbook, it is impossible to know for sure how she is spending the child support money from Calvert and Simms. Fans have come to expect the worst from Messer, which is why they were quick to go on the attack after learning how much she receives in child support each month. The following are just a few of the many negative tweets about Messer’s child support situation.

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In Messer’s defense, raising three kids is not easy, nor is it cheap. Caring for Ali could prove especially expensive in light of her muscular dystrophy diagnosis. As such, it might be a bit premature to assume that Messer is wasting the entirety of the child support money on drugs. Unfortunately, given Messer’s history, few Teen Mom 2 fans are willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

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