Jaimie Alexander got her producer fired for a totally deserving reason

Don’t mess with Jaimie Alexander!

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In a recent interview with People magazine, the Thor star revealed how a gross, handsy producer got too close — and how she got revenge (twice!).

I’ve knocked out a producer before,” 31-year-old Alexander says in the magazine’s latest issue.

And while Alexander plays a skilled fighter on her TV show, Blindspot, and was a competitive wrestler in high school, this incident was almost an accident, not that the producer didn’t have it coming.

“It was at this huge work-related party,” Alexander explains. “He tried to untie my swimsuit. He was really short. I twisted around and my elbow caught his eye and busted it up.”

That probably would have been perfect enough, as far as karma goes. But Alexander, whose new NBC drama premieres later this month, got a second round of payback.

“He was really mad and then he got fired from the company he was at,” she says. “He learned his lesson. That was pretty awesome.”

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If only all sleazy dudes got such instant payback from the universe, the world would definitely be a better place.

It shouldn’t be surprising that Alexander, who does her own stunts, pulled off such a badass move.

“I get beaten up pretty bad, but you’ve just gotta go for it,” she said of filming Blindspot.

But while handsy producers don’t scare her, there’s one thing that does.

I have a major fear of airplanes, which doesn’t make sense because I love helicopters and gliders and everything, but I don’t like commercial airlines,” she told People. “I was in an almost near plane crash in 2012.”

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How would you have reacted if you had been in Alexander’s position? Do you think you could have taken a producer down? Head down to the comments and share your thoughts with us!