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Big Brother fans say keeping Liz is the dumbest move in the game

Seriously, what is the deal with this season’s cast making such stupid decisions?

Just when it seemed things were on the right track to make a powerful move that would have brought two big breakups, the Big Brother cast’s head-scratching stupidity derailed a seemingly perfect plan.

With the twins on the chopping block next to each other, the option to oust Liz was an obvious no-brainer. Getting her out of the house not only splits up the twins, but removes the powerful alliance Liz has with Austin.

But don’t hold your breath. This is the BB17 cast, remember? Have they done anything smart this season?

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As you can tell, the fans were instantly fed up when Johnny Mac and Vanessa voted with Austin to evict Julia. It really is mind-blowing. Why not break up the power couple instead of keeping their strong bond alive? All that does is allow them to rally even harder.

Despite that dumb decision, at least fans were excited a bit that the twins have been split up and we don’t have to hear them cry any longer.

When the episode wrapped up, there was no Head of Household winner since the challenge wasn’t a simple trivia contest that could be done in three minutes. Within an hour, though, fans on the live feeds were able to see Vanessa walk away the challenge winner.

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Now only five houseguests remain with less than two weeks before finale night. Thank goodness! We’re just days away from getting a much-needed nine-month break from this painfully awful season.

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Do you think the choice to keep Liz in the game was smart or stupid? What are your thoughts on this season overall? Who do you think Vanessa will nominate for eviction? Who do you think deserves to win the whole game? Weigh in and dish your thoughts!

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