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Project Runway‘s lingerie challenge turned into a horrific mess

A lingerie challenge on Project Runway proves that making bras and panties for actual women is harder than it looks.

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Right off the bat, some designers are stymied by the challenge to create a bra and panty set for Heidi’s lingerie line. Blake claims to be completely unaware of where a woman’s vagina is, which elicits rage from Twitter, which was full of people who are exhausted after weeks of his ridiculous behavior.

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It’s not just Blake who’s struggling. Tim and Heidi peruse the workroom and Heidi has some harsh words for the other designers. She tells Edmond his design is tacky and urges Jake to consider starting over. “More boobs, less bra,” she suggests. Twitter can’t stop talking about this and a few fans remind Heidi that not all women look like her.

On the runway, the judges harangue Laurie for making panties that are too high and “look ’80s.” Jake has made a boring T-shirt bra that shows zero personality or imagination, although fans deemed it the most friendly for women who want to be comfortable.


When it’s Blake’s turn to defend his poorly made, unflattering lingerie, which makes his model’s breasts look saggy (although her vagina is actually covered), he tells the judges that he usually designs for women who don’t wear bras. Zac Posen is not having it and it’s the nail in Blake’s Project Runway coffin. Finally, he’s out.

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Are you glad Blake is out? Which designs were your favorites? Which, if any, would you actually wear?

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