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11 Insane American Horror Story theories from the new teaser

American Horror Story: Hotel has finally released a full, 30-second trailer — and we’ve got every theory that could possibly be gleaned from its images.

1. So many kids

American Horror Story: Hotel trailer - kids

Kids play a big role in the video, which makes us wonder if children will also be making a significant appearance in the series.

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2. Beware the children?

American Horror Story: Hotel trailer - children

If kids are going to be in the series, will they actually be alive? Not necessarily, judging by some of the ones seen in the video. Last season, fans were terrified by Twisty the clown, but ghost children are much more frightening. Just look at the little ones holding Matt Bomer’s hands in this image and try not to scream.

3. Broken family

American Horror Story: Hotel trailer - Chloe Sevigny and Wes Bentley

At the recent Television Critics Association tour, Chloë Sevigny said she and costar Wes Bentley play a couple who are “dealing with a great loss in our family and coming to grips with that among other things.” We’re speculating that it’s the loss of a child and the video shows the couple walking hand in hand and then splitting up, which could mean the loss will do the same to their marriage.

4. Yum, cannibals

American Horror Story: Hotel trailer - bloody blender

A blender full of blood? Oh, yeah, someone is so going to be a cannibal this season. We can feel it.

5. House of horrors

American Horror Story: Hotel trailer - body in mattress

Not that it’s a huge surprise, given the series is called American Horror Story, but the body sown up in the mattress certainly gives the clue that this hotel is going to be full of horrors.

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6. People get in, but they don’t get out

American Horror Story: Hotel trailer - Kathy Bates

Kathy Bates and her creepy set of keys suggest that some people are going to be locked up in the hotel against their will.

7. Denis O’Hare is gorgeous in drag

American Horror Story: Hotel trailer - Denis O'Hare

O’Hare told press at the Television Critics Association tour that he shaved his head for the role of “Liz Taylor, movie icon.” Hair or no hair, Ms. Taylor is stunning as she walks through the hallway pulling her cart full of children.

8. Angela Bassett is gonna tie somebody up

American Horror Story: Hotel trailer - Angela Bassett

Also at the TCA tour, Bassett said that her character will be “at odds” with Bomer’s character. In the clip, she’s seen walking a man in a collar, which leads us to believe that she will have Bomer doing her will.

9. Bomer will be fabulous

American Horror Story: Hotel trailer - Matt Bomer

No matter what happens between him and Bassett’s character, one thing we can guarantee — from this image alone — is that he will be amazing this season. He was fantastic last season, as well, but this time we’re looking forward to seeing even more of him.

10. A sordid past

American Horror Story: Hotel trailer - laundry

The video contains a brief clip from the ’40s, complete with bloody sheets going into the laundry and what looks like bodies (or are those body parts?) wrapped in sheets and being tossed into the laundry chute. Whatever’s been going on at this hotel, it’s been happening for a long time.

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11. Snip, snip

American Horror Story: Hotel trailer - scissors

In another moment, Finn Wittrock’s character (male model Tristan Duffy) threateningly holds some scissors at Cheyenne Jackson’s character (fashion designer Will Drake). Ouch, that looks like it will hurt.

What theories do you have about American Horror Story: Hotel after watching the trailer?

Images: FX

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