Serena Williams shames reporter for stupid question (VIDEO)

Venus and Serena Williams are used to getting asked stupid questions and dealing with general ridiculousness.

And now at least one of the Williams sisters has just plain had enough and has let her true feelings fly.

On Tuesday, after Serena defeated Venus during the U.S. Open at Flushing Meadows, advancing her to the semifinals, she was at the “cattle call” of a press conference following the match, answering questions, but apparently not to the liking of one journalist. The reporter decided it was totally appropriate to ask her, not about her performance or about her upcoming matches or anything he might ask a male athlete, but about why she wasn’t smiling.

He said, “You just won a match. Normally you smile when you win. You come in here, you laugh. What happens tonight? Is it because you beat Venus or because you’re thinking about what is going on next? What’s wrong?”

This is the equivalent of catcalling a world-class champion.


Serena was clearly exhausted and wasn’t having any of the reporter’s shenanigans. She responded with the most brilliant IDGAF response and deserves a slow clap standing ovation.

She responded, “It’s 11:30. To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t want to be here. I just want to be in bed right now and I have to wake up early to practice and I don’t want to answer any of these questions. And you keep asking me the same questions. It’s not really — you’re not making this enjoyable.”

Just. Being. Honest.


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He tried to keep on going, but Williams shut him down again. Seriously, dude, move on.

The head-to-head record between the two competitive sisters stands at 16-11 in Serena’s favor. The sisters played their first professional match against each other almost 20 years ago. Together they hold three Olympic gold medals, 13 Grand Slam doubles titles and 21 overall titles. We get it, they are sisters, but playing together or head to head, it’s not news.

And if you are a tennis fan, you know that the only win Serena doesn’t take (as much) pleasure in is the win over her sister. Who likes to send their own sister packing? But given they always face off as true professional athletes, give it a rest, people. How about #AskHerMore?

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