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Teresa Giudice’s lawyer reveals her amazing prison transformation (VIDEO)

Teresa Giudice is putting her time behind bars to good use, says her lawyer, and her transformation is remarkable.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star has found both God and abs while doing hard time, and her attorney James Leonard Jr. said fans will be shocked at her transformation when she is released.

Revealing to E! News that Giudice will ask him to punch her in the stomach to test the strength of her newly rock-hard abs, Leonard said the reality star is “doing amazing.”

She’s in absolute tip-top shape,” he said. “She’s rock-hard mentally, physically and emotionally.

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“When she comes home, people are going to be very surprised. It’s a whole new Teresa coming home,” he said, adding that she is “stronger” and “more focused.”

“She’s getting back in touch with her faith,” he said in May. “She’s spending a lot of time praying in there, and I think the Teresa that comes out of prison is going to wow people.”

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As far as her future goes, Leonard would not confirm or deny a return to RHONJ for Giudice — but hinted we’ll be seeing her one way or another.

“Being with her children, being with her family, being with Joe… and then kind of getting back into whatever she’s going to get back into,” he said of her post-prison plans. “If that’s television, if it’s different projects, if it’s getting involved with a restaurant… there are so many opportunities that she has.

“I think she’s going to take it one day at a time, but her focus is, ‘I want to get back to my freedom, I want to get back to my husband, I want to get back to my parents, my children, and then kind of take it as it goes.’ But I expect that you’ll be seeing her shortly after she comes home.”

Giudice is expected to be released early, in time for Christmas with her family.

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